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Pictures From and Related to 1947

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wheat delivery King Mohammed Zahir Shah James E. Folsom Edward Appleton Universal Pictures Building Rexall Drug Headquarters Foley's Department Store City National Bank Harry Truman Palomar Observatory

Palomar Observatory Clement Attlee King George VI Austria Hughes Flying Boat Hughes Flying Boat Skystreak Bell XS-1 Navion Banshee

Kellett XR-10 Stratocruiser YB-49 Vultee XC-99 Skyrocket Albatross XP-87 Leopold III Harry Truman President Harry Truman

Oswaldo Aranha Barbara Ann Scott Princess Elizabeth gets married Canadian citizenship President Truman in Canada Atomic Energy Project David A. Keys wedding gift for a princess Cardinal Stritch Edwin Land

Polaroid Land Camera Winston Churchill Lucius DuBignon Clay King Christian X King Frederik IX Rafael Trujillo Charles de Gaulle John Foster Dulles King Farouk Dwight Eisenhower

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The Robinson Library >> In The Year... >> 1947

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