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Chronology of Events in 1947

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1 The United States Atomic Energy Commission assumed from the U.S. Army the management of the nation's atomic energy development program.
Canadian citizenship1 The law granting the right of Canadian citizenship to every native-born Canadian and to all who take out citizenship papers went into effect.
1 Great Britain nationalized the country's coal mines.

5 Three persons were killed an 16 injured when a transport plane en route from Miami, Florida, to Newark, New Jersey, crashed in a heavy snow storm near Vineland, New Jersey.

7 U.S. Secretary of State James F. Byrnes resigned.

8 The Cabinet of Peru resigned.

11 Georgia Governor Ellis Arnall resigned in favor of Lieutenant Governor M. E. Thompson.
11 The entire Cabinet of Paraguay resigned.

12 An Eastern Airlines DC-3 crashed during a rainstorm near Galax, Virginia, killing 18 of the 19 persons aboard.

Vincent Auriol14 Vincent Auriol was elected President of the French National Assembly.

15 The horribly mutilated body of Elizabeth Short was found in Los Angeles, California.
15 Fifteen coal miners were killed and two others injured in a gas explosion at the Nottingham mine of the Glen Alden Coal Company at Plymouth, Pennsylvania.

17 Seven persons were killed and 70 injured when a Southern Pacific passenger train struck a broken rail and derailed 12 miles northwest of Bakersfield, California.

19 Three hundred and ninety-two people were killed when the Greek steamer Himara sank after striking a mine off Rafina, Greece.

20 The entire Italian cabinet resigned.

21 Paul Ramadier was named Prime Minister of France.
George C. Marshall21 General George C. Marshall succeeded James F. Byrnes as U.S. Secretary of State.

24 Dimitrios Maximos became Prime Minister of Greece.
24 An earthquake killed two persons and caused considerable damage at Puerto la Union, El Salvador, and to several Nicaraguan villages.

Al Capone25 Former Chicago crime boss Al Capone died.

26 A Royal Dutch Airlines plane crashed just after taking off from Kastrup (Denmark) Airport, killing all 22 persons aboard.

27 Eleven U.S. Army fliers, most of them combat veterans, died when a B-29 crashed soon after taking off on a training mission from Kirtland Field, New Mexio.
27 Four persons were killed and 36 injured when the Pennsylvania Railroad's "Union" passenger train struck a bale of fencing wire and derailed at Walton, Indiana.
27 José Giral y Pereira resigned as Premier of the Spanish government-in-exile in Paris, France.

28 An encounter between the Bolivian Army and tin workers left 22 workers killed and another 64 wounded.
28 Burma was granted the right to elect a Constituent Assembly and form an interim government as a step toward indendence.

29 The United States announced an end to its efforts to mediate a truce between the Kutomintang and Communists in China.

30 Tornadoes caused more than 20 deaths and injured about 100 in Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Arkansas, and Missouri.

31 William John McKell became Governor-General of Australia.


Edwin Land1 Edwin Land demonstrated the Polaroid Land Camera.
1 Augusto Barcia y Trelles was appointed Premier of the Spanish government-in-exile by President Diego Martínez Barrio.

3 Stefan Johann Stefansson became Prime Minister of Iceland.
3 Leonardo Arguello was elected President of Nicaragua.

4 Four persons were killed and 64 injured when a Southern Pacific streamliner smashed into an oil truck that was crossing the tracks ahead of the train at Kingsburg, California.

6 A mob of Bolivian Indians attacked the proprietors of several haciendas in the Cochabamba District, killing several of them.
Józef Cyrankiewicz was named Prime Minister of Poland.

7 The New York State Athletic Commission revoked Rocky Graziano's boxing license.

9 About 150 persons were killed in a dance hall fire in the British Zone of Berlin, Germany.

peace treaty signing10 Italy signed the post-World War II peace treaty.

12 Actor Sidney Toler died.

15 A Colombian Avianca Airlines plane crashed into Mount Tablazo, northwest of Bogotá, Colombia, killing 53 persons.

Altoona train crash18 Seventeen persons were confirmed killed and at least 85 others injured when a passenger train derailed about 10 miles west of Altoona, Pennsylvania.

Los Angeles explosion20 Seventeen persons were killed when a plating works exploded in Los Angeles, California.

28 A P-82 completed the longest nonstop flight ever made by a fighter plane, 4,978 miles, from Hawaii to New York, in 14 hours 33 minutes.


1 Chiang Kai-shek replaced T. V. Soong as President of China's Executive Yuan.
International Monetary Fund1 The International Monetary Fund began its active operations.

4 The United Kingdom and France signed a mutual defense and economic assistance treaty at Dunkerque, France.

10 Enrique Hertzog was inaugurated as President of Bolivia.

Lucius DuBignon Clay15 General Lucius D. Clay was appointed Commander of United States forces in Europe.

18 General Motors founder William C. Durant died.
18 The government of Paraguay decreed a state of war against rebel forces.

20 Foreign Minister Paul-Henri Spaak became Prime Minister of Belgium.

21 The U.S. Congress submitted the 22nd Amendment, limiting a President to two full elected terms, to the states for ratification.

Centralia mine disaster25 An explosion inside a coal mine near Centralia, Illinois, killed 111 men.
1947 NCAA Final25 Holy Cross College defeated the University of Oklahoma 58-47 to win the 1946-47 N.C.A.A. Basketball Championship.

26 An undersea earthquake caused a tsunami which inundated Gisborne, New Zealand.
26 The United Nations Trusteeship Council met for the first time.

30 Forty people were killed and 137 wounded in rioting in Bombay, India.

31 The United States ended the government monopoly over the purchase and import of natural rubber.
31 The U.S. Draft Law expired.


1 King George II of Greece died.

2 An explosion and fire at a fireworks manufacturing plant in Clinton, Misouri, killed 12 persons and injured 3 others.
2 The United Nations Security Council made the Marshall, Caroline, and Mariana Islands trusteeships of the United States.

5 Two passengers were killed and 34 persons were injured when the "Pam City Zephyr" derailed and crashed into the railroad station at Downers Grove, Illinois.

Henry Ford7 Ford Motors founder Henry Ford died.
7 A nationwide strike against the American Telephone and Telegraph Company and the Bell System began.

9 The U.S. Senate confirmed the appointment of David E. Lilienthal as chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission.

10 The first television program ever transmitted from a submerged submarine occurred, aboard the Trumpetfish.
10 An explosion deep inside a coal mine near Exeter, Pennsylvania, killed 9 miners and injured 9 others.

15 Jackie Robinson became the first black to play in a Major League Baseball game.

Texas City16 A series of explosions all but destroyed Texas City, Texas, and killed 468 persons.

King Christian X20 King Christian X of Denmark died.
20 The last 32 Japanese soldiers on the Pacific island of Peleliu surrendered.

21 Nine persons were killed when a special Delta Airplanes plane carrying 8 employees collided with a private plane while landing at Columbus, Georgia.

22 Terrorists blew up a train near Rehovoth, Palestine, killing 8 persons and injuring 41.

23 Chang Chun succeeded Chiang Kai-shek as President of the Executive Yuan of China.

24 Novelist Willa Cather died.

25 Theodore Roosevelt National Memorial Park was established.

27 Thirty-six persons were injured when the "Argonaut" passenger strain struck a broken rail at Ontario, California.

28 The Kingdom of Siam became the 55th member of the United Nations.

29 India's Constituent Assembly ended the legal existence of the "untouchable caste."

30 Cuba's Cabinet resigned.
30 RCA demonstrated its all-electronic color television system at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
30 Eight of 11 men working in the Spring Hill coal mine near Terre Haute, Indiana, were killed by an explosion.
30 Tornadoes and high winds that swept through northwest Arkansas and southwest Missouri left three towns in ruins and a death toll of at least 21 persons.


1 A parade of workers at Piano dei Greci, Sicily, Italy, was machine-gunned by men of unknown identity and motive; ten persons were killed and 33 were wounded.
1 Five persons were killed 45 others injured when the passenger train "American" was ripped open by sheet steel jutting from a moving freight train near Huntington, Pennsylvania.

3 The Kentucky Derby was won by Maine Chance Farm's Jet Pilot, Eric Guerin up.

4 The Mayor of Havana, Cuba, Manuel Fernandez Supervielle, committed suicide.

6 An Allied-imposed constitution went into effect in Japan.

18 Philippine President Manuel A. Roxas' personal airplane crashed on Katanglad Mountain, killing 16 government officials and military men; the President was not aboard.
18 A U.S. Navy pilot and 2 schoolboys were killed when a fighter jet went out of control during an airshow and crashed on a school playground in Burlington, Iowa.

20 A total eclipse of the Sun was "observed," with the best views being in Brazil.
20 The restored Reichenbach Synagogue of Munich, Germany, was rededicated.
20 The first Japanese Parliament under the country's post-war constitution met.

21 The United States Maritime Commission returned to private carriers the ships which had been requisitioned for service during World War II.
21 The 28 white men on trial in Greeneville, South Carolina, for lynching a black man were acquitted on all charges.

Tetsu Ketayama24 Tetsu Katayama became Prime Minister of Japan.

26 The government of Nicaragua was seized by the Nicaraguan Army under former President General Anastasio Somoza.

29 A United Airlines passenger plane crashed while attempting to take off from La Guardia Field in New York, New York, killing 43 persons.
29 The crash of an Icelandic Airways plane in northern Iceland killed 25 persons.

Indianapolis 50030 Mauri Rose won the 500-mile Memorial Day race at Indianapolis, Indiana.
30 An Eastern Airlines plane bound for Miami, Florida, crashed into a wooded area near Bainbridge, Maryland, killing all 53 persons aboard.

31 Lajos Dinnyés replaced Ferenc Nagy as Prime Minister of Hungary.
31 Six persons were killed when a tornado destroyed most of Leedey, Oklahoma.


1 A huge tornado killed at least 34 persons, injured hundreds more, and damaged hundreds of structures in and around Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

Frank Hague4 Frank Hague abruptly retired as Mayor of Jersey City, New Jersey, after 30 years in office.

5 The U.S. Senate ratified the peace treaties with Italy, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria.

7 Barbara Washburn became the first woman to reach the summit of Mount McKinley.

13 A Capital Airlines plane flying from Chicago, Illinois, to Washington, D.C. crashed into a mountain near Hillsboro, Virginia, killing all 50 persons aboard.

19 The Constituent Assembly of Burma began its first session.

20 Mobster Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel was shot and killed at his home in Beverly Hills, California.
Everglades National Park20 Everglades National Park was established.

tanker Markay22 Eleven persons were killed when the oil tanker Markay exploded in Los Angeles (California) Harbor.

23 The Taft-Hartley Act went into effect.

Jimmy Doyle25 Boxer Jimmy Doyle died several hours after being knocked out by Ray Robinson in a World Welterweight Title bout.

30 THe U.S. House of Representatives voted to admit Hawaii to the Union.


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