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The 400th anniversary of the birth of Flemish painter Peter Paul Rubens was celebrated throughout 1977.

self-portrait, oil on canvas, ~1626-1630

Completed in 1977, the Yale Museum for British Art houses the Paul Mellon collection of English paintings, drawings, prints, rare books, and sculpture. The building was designed by Louis Kahn specifically to house the collection.

main exhibit area
Yale Center for British Art main gallery

The Georges Pompidou National Center for Art and Culture officially opened on January 31, 1977. The building is notable for its very unique design features, including a transparent escalator, glass walls, and visible heating and electrical systems.

Pompidou Centre

"Batcolumn," a 100-foot-high latticed steel sculpture by Claes Oldenburg, was dedicated in front the new Social Security Administration building in Chicago, Illinois, on April 15. The sculptor (on the right) dedicated the $100,000 work as "a monument to both baseball and the construction industry."


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