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Pace University

a private, co-educational institution that offers 100 undergraduate majors, 27 undergraduate and graduate degrees, 47 Master's programs, and 4 Doctoral programs

official symbol of Pace University

Pace University consists of six colleges -- Dyson College of Arts and Sciences, Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems, Law School, Lienhard School of Nursing, Lubin School of Business, and School of Education. It currently has an enrollment of about 13,500 students, taught by a faculty of about 1,240.


Pace's main campus is located at One Pace Plaza, in Lower Manhattan, New York City. Undergraduate and graduate courses in information technology and business are offered here, which can result in a Master of Science in Publishing degree. Residence halls are located near the main building, as is a 600-seat community theater.

the main campus
the main campus at One Pace Plaza, New York City

The Pace University School of Law is located on a 13-acre campus in White Plains, New York. The Evelyn and Joseph I. Lubin Graduate Center, which offers graduate programs in business, public administration, information technology, and computer science, is located in downtown White Plains.

The Pleasantville-Briarcliff campus, which covers 200 acres in central Westchester County, offers a broad range of undergraduate programs, as well as graduate programs in nursing. Briarcliff Manor, located a few miles from the main campus, houses residence halls, recreational facilities, and administrative offices.


In 1906 brothers Homer St. Clair and Charles Ashford Pace borrowed $600 to rent a classroom and office in the old Tribune building, and opened the Pace School of Accountancy. Their first class consisted of ten men and three women, who were taught the principles of accounting and business law. Before long they were also offering the Pace Standardized Course in Accounting at private schools across the country.

Homer and Charles Pace
Homer and Charles Pace

the old Tribune building
the old Tribune building, original site of Pace University

By 1908 enrollment had grown to such a level that the brothers had to move from the Tribune building to the Hudson Terminal Complex. The school would move several more times over the subsequent years to meet an ever growing enrollment. In the 1920's the brothers divested themselves of all their schools outside of New York to devote their full attentions on the main college. In 1966 ground was broken for what is now One Pace Plaza, which sits on the site of the building in which the university was founded.

Other milestones in the history of Pace University include: 1948, the school was approved for college status by the New York Board of Regents, and the College of Arts and Sciences was added. 1953, the college was authorized to grant a Bachelor of Arts degree. 1963, classes began on the Pleasantville campus. 1965, the Undergraduate School of Business Administration, School of Arts and Sciences, and School of Education were established. 1973, the college became a fully accredited university. 1975, the College of White Plains consolidated with Pace University. 1976, Briarcliff College was acquired by Pace. 1983, the School of Computer Science and Information Systems was established as its own entity. 1997, Pace University the World Trade Institute, which provides training in international business and trade.

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