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Theory and Practice of Education


Horace MannHorace Mann
served as the first Secretary of the Massachusetts Board of Education. In that capacity, he spearheaded the Common School Movement, the core tenet of which is that every child receives a basic education funded by local taxes. He also oversaw establishment of the first public normal school in the United States.
Maria MontessoriMaria Montessori
believed that if children are given freedom within an environment rich in activities they will naturally choose to work rather than play, and that they will learn much more readily if allowed to explore things that interest them rather than what adults believe they should study.
Johann Heinrich PestalozziJohann Heinrich Pestalozzi
believed that the purpose of education was to expose the natural powers and faculties latent in every human being, and emphasized that the teacher should never teach by words when a child could see, hear or touch an object for himself. His theories and methods proved so successful that they still form the basis of elementary educational systems around the world.

The Robinson Library >> Education