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The Commonwealth of the Bahamas

"Bahamas" means "the Shallows" and is from the Spanish name Archipiélago de las Bahamas, in reference to the reef-filled Bahama Banks.

Location a chain of about 3,100 coral islands and reefs stretching from about 50 miles off eastern Florida to the southeastern tip of Cuba

map of The Bahamas

Total Area 5,380 sq mi (13,935 sq km)
Total Coastline
1,580 mi (2,543 km)
Largest Islands
Abaco, Acklins, Andros, Berry, Bimini, Cat, Crooked,
Eleuthera, Great Abaco, Grand Bahama, Great Exuma, Great Inagua, Harbour, Little Abaco, Long, Mayaguana, New Providence, Ragged, Rum Cay, San Salvador, Spanish Wells
Highest Point Mount Alvernia, on Cat Island; 206 ft (63 m)
Lowest Point
sea level
Natural Resources salt, aragonite, timber, arable land

Nationality Bahamian
Population (2015 est)
Largest Cities
Ethnic Groups black, white, Asian, Hispanic
Languages English (official), Creole
Baptist, Anglican, Roman Catholic, Pentecostal, Church of God, Methodist, other Christian

Capital Nassau
Form of Government constitutional parliamentary democracy
Present Constitution Adopted
July 10, 1973
Chief of State
Elizabeth II, Queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; represented by Governor General Dame Marguerite Pindling (since July 8, 2014)
Head of Government
Prime Minister Hubert Minnis (since May 11, 2017)
Cabinet Cabinet, appointed by the Governor General on the Prime Minister's recommendation
Parliament (16-member Senate; 41-member House of Assembly)
Privy Council (London); Courts of Appeal; Supreme Court; magistrates courts
Local Administration
31 districts

Unit of Currency Bahamian Dollar (BSD)
Per Capita Income
Principal Industries
tourism, financial services, manufacturing, agriculture
Major Manufactures cement, food products, petroleum products, rum
Agricultural Products bananas, citrus fruits, cucumbers, pineapples, tomatoes; poultry
Principal Exports mineral products and salt, animal products, rum, chemicals, fruits and vegetables
Principal Imports machinery and transport equipment, manufactures, chemicals, mineral fuels, food and live animals

Independence Achieved July 10, 1973, from Great Britain
National Holiday Independence Day, July 10

San Salvador
Elizabeth II

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