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the seat of Cloud County; population ~5,180

location of Concordia
location of Concordia

Shirley County was established by the last Kansas Territorial Legislature on February 27, 1860, but was not officially organized until September 6, 1866, with Elk Creek (later Clyde) as the temporary county seat. On November 6, 1866an election was held to select county officers and a permanent county seat. John W. Rupe was elected Shirley County's representative in the legislature, Quincy Honey was elected the first sheriff, Charles Davis became the first elected county clerk, and Lew Fowler, Moses Heller, and William English became the first elected board of county commissioners. Rochester was chosen as the county seat, but no official county business appears to have ever been conducted there.

In 1867 James M. Hagaman settled on a tract on the south bank of the river half way between the east and west boundaries of the county, and George W. Andrews settled on what was to become the center of Concordia. On May 27, 1867, the legislature changed the county's name from Shirley to Cloud. Meanwhile, Hagaman promoted a town on his homestead and the land south of Andrews' homestead. In October 1869 Captain H. C. Snyder suggested that the town be named "Concordia."

On November 20, 1869, the county commissioners ordered a county seat election to be held December 21, 1869, with Clyde, Lake Sibley, and Concordia as the "candidqtes." Neither town received a clear majority of votes, but Clyde was definitevely eliminated. A run-off election was held on January 4, 1870, and Concordia came out the winner.

The new county seat did not formally exist until January 16, 1871, when a U.S. Land Office opened for business on the town site. A plat of Concordia was filed with the Register of Deeds on January 30, 1871, and Concordia became an incorporated town on August 7, 1862, giving Concordia the distinction of becoming a county seat before becoming an official town.

Concordia is home to the Whole Wall Mural, a 6,400-brick work of art that covers 140 feet of the eastern wall of the Cloud County Historical Museum, making it the longest sculpted brick muralin the world.
Whole Wall Mural

City of Concordia
Concordia Chamber of Commerce

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