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a city in Neosho County; population ~9,120

location of Chanute
location of Chanute

Settlers began arriving in the area of present-day Chanute in 1856, but no true towns were established until 1870, when the Leavenworth, Lawrence & Galveston Rail Road entered Neosho County. The towns of New Chicago, Chicago Junction, Alliance, and Tioga were all founded at that time, and each worked (fought) against the others to become the site of the railroad's land office. The bitter competition came to an end after Octave Chanute, the Chief Engineer and General Superintendent of the LL&G, visited the area in 1872. Chanute suggested that the towns merge, and the City of Chanute was chartered on January 1, 1873.

Chanute would later become known for designing "flying machines," and the Wright Brothers drew much inspiration and encouragement from him prior to and after their historic flight. The Chanute-Wright Brothers Memorial, a gift of the Chanute High School Class of 1941, was dedicated in 2003.
Chanute-Wright Brothers Memorial

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Chanute Area Chamber of Commerce
The City of Chanute

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