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Facts and FiguresFacts and Figures
Origin of Name Virginia was named after England's Queen Elizabeth I, who was known as the "Virgin Queen" because she never married. Area (rank) 42,769 sq mi (35th). Population (rank) 8,260,405 (12th). Capital Richmond. Ratified Constitution (rank) June 25, 1788 (10th).
Important Dates in VirginiaImportant Dates in Virginia
1607 The Virginia Company of London established the colony of Jamestown. 1776 Virginia declared its independence and adopted its first constitution. 1788 Virginia became the 10th state to ratify the Constitution.
On April 26, 1607, three ships carrying 103 men arrived at present-day Cape Henry, at the southern entrance to Chesapeake Bay. After a brief exploration of the area, the small fleet sailed another 60 miles up the James River and, on May 14, established the first permanent English colony in America.
Captain John SmithCaptain John Smith
was the military leader of the Virginia Company that founded Jamestown in 1607. Although frequently at odds with his fellow colonists and often at risk of losing his life at their hands, he played a very important part in Jamestown's ultimate survival as a colony.
Nathaniel BaconNathaniel Bacon
led a personal campaign against any and all Indians in Virginia. Branded a rebel by the colonial government, he subsequently captured Jamestown and burned it to the ground.
Nat Turner's Rebellion (aka Southampton Slave Revolt)Nat Turner's Rebellion (aka The Southampton Slave Revolt)
Early in the morning of August 21, 1831, a band of eight Black slaves, led by a lay preacher named Nat Turner, entered the house of James Travis in Southampton County, Virginia, and killed five members of the Travis family. Over a thirty-six hour period, this band of slaves grew to sixty or seventy in number and killed fifty-eight White persons before the local community could act to stop them.
J. Lindsay Almond, Jr.James Lindsay Almond, Jr.
was elected Governor of Virginia in 1957 with a pledge to resist court-ordered school integration. He upheld that pledge by closing schools in Charlottesville, Front Royal, and Norfolk to prevent their integration, but was subsequently forced to "allow" schools to integrate.
Jamestown FestivalThe Jamestown Festival
a celebration of the 350th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown, opened on April 1, 1957, and ran to the end of the year.
Arlington CountyArlington County

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