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Crater Lake
Crater Lake
partially fills the caldera of ancient Mount Mazama Volcano, the summit of which collapsed thousands of years ago. The lake was created over about 250 years by an accumulation of rain and melted snow, and precipitation continues to keep the lake full today.
Marcus Whitman
Marcus Whitman
along with his wife Narcissa, established a mission near present-day Walla Walla, Washington, in 1836. In 1843, he accompanied about 1,000 settlers on the Oregon Trail into Oregon Territory, and subsequently spent the next several years helping other travelers on the trail.
Official Symbols of Alaska
Official Symbols
Adopted in 1925, the Oregon State Flag is navy blue with gold lettering and symbols. The front of the flag features the shield from the State Seal surrounded by 33 stars; "STATE OF OREGON" is above the shield, and "1859" is below. Oregon is the only state in the Union whose flag has a different pattern on the reverse side -- the silhouette of a beaver, the State Animal.
John McLoughlin
John McLoughlin
played a leading part in settling Oregon Territory. He was a partner in the North West and Hudson's Bay companies, and directed their business in the Oregon country from 1824 to 1826. He developed trading posts and friendly relations with the Native Americans of the region, but had to resign for helping new settlers at his company's expense.
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