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The California Gold Rush
California Gold Rush
On January 24, 1848, James Marshall was inspecting work on a sawmill being built for John Sutter on the American River near the present town of Coloma when he saw gold flakes on the ground. By the spring of 1849, the non-native population of California had grown to almost 100,000 people, the vast majority of whom were looking for gold.
is a neighborhood of Los Angeles that is generally bounded by Griffith Park and Mulholland Drive on the north, Melrose Avenue on the south, Normandie Avenue on the east, and Sunset Boulevard on the west. It was established as a city in 1886 and annexed into Los Angeles in 1910.
Yosemite National Park
Yosemite National Park
is located in the Sierra Mountains, about 200 miles east of San Francisco. It is home to 67 species of mammals, 22 birds, 18 reptiles, 10 amphibians, and 11 fish, as well as three groves of giant sequoia trees.
Gaspar de Portola
Don Gaspar de Portolá
led an expedition in 1768 that established the first Presidio (military fort) at San Diego and "discovered" San Francisco Bay. He also established the first Presidio at Monterey, in 1770.
Death Valley
Death Valley
is a deep trough about 130 miles long and 6-14 miles wide near the California-Nevada border. The lowest elevation in the Western Hemisphere, 282 feet below sea level, is located in Death Valley. The highest temperature ever recorded in the United States, 134°F, was reported from a ranch in the valley on July 10, 1913.
Catalina Island
Catalina Island
(also known as Santa Catalina Island) lies about 22 miles south-southwest of Los Angeles, in the Channel Islands archipelago. Los Angeles County has governmental jurisdiction over the island and is responsible for providing law enforcement, fire, and other public services, while the Catalina Island Conservancy maintains the island's natural beauty.
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