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Historic Indiana

Historic Indiana

1679 Robert Cavalier, Sieur de la Salle, traveled through Indiana down the St. John and Kankakee rivers.
1680 Sieur de la Salle explored much of northern Indiana.

ca. 1731 The French founded Vincennes, the first permanent "white" settlement in Indiana.
1733 The French built a fort at Vincennes.
1763 France ceded the Indiana region to Great Britain.
1779, February 24 A band of frontiersmen led by George Rogers Clark captured Vincennes.
Indiana became part of the Northwest Territory.
General Anthony Wayne founded Fort Wayne.
ca. 1795
The Potawatomi built villages in northern Indiana.

1800 Congress established the Indiana Territory, with the capital at Vincennes.
1811 William Henry Harrison's troops defeated an Indian force in the Battle of Tippecanoe.
1816, December 11
Indiana became the 19th state.
1824 The state capital was moved to Indianapolis.
1825 Robert Owen founded the experimental community of New Harmony.
The last Potawatomi were drive out of Indiana by military force.
ca. 1850 The Cumberland Road was completed across Indiana, from Richmond to Terre Haute.
1852 The Studebaker Brothers arrived in South Bend.
1862 The rapid-fire machine gun was invented by Richard J. Gatling at Indianapolis.
1863 The only Civil War battle in Indiana was fought at Corydon.
1886 The state's first gas well was drilled at Portland.
1889 The Standard Oil Company built a refinery at Whiting.
1894 Elwood G. Haynes of Kokomo began testing gasoline-powered automobiles.

1905 The United States Steel Corporation founded Gary.
1911 The Indianapolis Motor Speedway held its first 500-mile race.
1915 The Indiana Legislature adopted the Workmen's Compensation Act and a primary election law.

1956 The Northern Indiana Toll Road was completed.
1963 The Studebaker Corporation ended automobile production in South Bend.
1963 The Indiana Legislature established the state's first retail sales tax (of 2 per cent).

Robert Cavalier, Sieur de la Salle
George Rogers Clark
Anthony Wayne
William Henry Harrison
Cumberland Road
Richard J. Gatling
Civil War

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