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Famous Nutmeggers

name accomplishment (birthplace or principal residence)
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Dean Acheson Secretary of State under President Harry Truman and Pultizer Prize-winning historian (Middletown)
Amos Bronson Alcott
philosopher (Wolcott)
Ethan Allen Revolutionary War commander (Litchfield)
Joseph Alsop
syndicated columnist (Avon)
Stewart Alsop syndicated columnist (Avon)
Benedict Arnold Revolutionary War general (Norwich)

P.T. Barnum showman and circus owner (Bethel)
William Beaumont
surgeon--first to study human digestion (Lebanon)
Henry Ward Beecher leader of abolition and woman suffrage movements (Litchfield)
Lyman Beecher abolitionist (New Haven)
Jerry Bock
Broadway composer (New Haven)
Ernest Borgnine
Academy Award-winning actor (Hamden)
Crane Brinton
historian (Winsted)
John Brown abolitionist (Torrington)
Gary Burghoff
Emmy Award-winning television actor (Bristol)
George Walker Bush
43rd President of the United States (New Haven)
David Bushnell inventor of the first submarine (Saybrook)

Walter Camp father of American football (New Britain)
Al Capp
cartoonist (New Haven)
Karen Carpenter singer (New Haven)
Richard Carpenter singer (New Haven)
Frederick Edwin Church painter (Hartford)
Glenn Close film actress (Greenwich)
Samuel Colt industrialist and inventor of the Colt revolver (Hartford)

Silas Deane first American diplomat (Groton)
John Gregory Dunne
novelist (Hartford)

Jonathan Edwards theologian (East Windsor)
John F. Enders microbiologist (West Hartford)

Eileen Farrell operatic soprano (Willimantic)
John Fitch inventor of the first steamboat to carry passenger (Hartford County)

Josiah Gibbs physicist--founder of thermodynamics and statistical mechanics (New Haven)
Charles Goodyear inventor of vulcanized rubber (New Haven)
Ella T. Grasso first woman elected Governor of a state on her own merit (Windsor Locks)

Nathan Hale Revolutionary War hero (Coventry)
Fitz-Greene Halleck
poet (Guilford)
William Torrey Harris philosopher-educator (Killingly)
Katharine Hepburn four-time Academy Award-winning actress (Hartford)
Isaac Hull naval commander during the War of 1812 (Derby)
William Hull general in the War of 1812 (Derby)

Charles Edward Ives Pulitzer Prize-winning composer (Danbury)

Edward C. Kendall Nobel Prize-winning chemist (South Norwalk)
Ted Knight Emmy Award-winning television actor (Terryville)

Edwin Land inventor of the instant camera (Bridgeport)
Hope Lange
television actress (Redding Ridge)
Norman Lear
television producer and director (New Haven)
John Ledyard explorer (Groton)
Harriet Mulford Lothrop
children's novelist (New Haven)

Robert Mitchum film and television actor (Bridgeport)
John Pierpont Morgan banker and philanthropist (Hartford)
Calvin Murphy basketball player (Norwalk)

Ralph Nader consumer advocate (Winsted)

Frederick Law Olmstead landscape architect (Hartford)

Nathaniel Palmer first man to sight Antarctica (Stonington)
Gene Pitney
composer and singer (Hartford)
Rosa Ponselle
operatic soprano (Meriden)
Sarah Porter founder of Miss Porter's School for Girls (Farmington)
Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Congressman (New Haven)

Eliphalet Remington rifle manufacturer (Suffield)
Abraham Ribicoff
U.S. Senator (New Britain)
Bill Rodgers marathon runner (Hartford)
Harold Rome Broadway composer (Hartford)

George W. Scranton iron manufacturer (Madison)
William Scranton
United Nations ambassador (Madison)
Alfred P. Sloan, Jr.
president of General Motors (New Haven)
Benjamin Spock
pediatrician and author of Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care (New Haven)
Harriet Beecher Stowe novelist (Litchfield)

Grant Tinker television producer and network executive (Stamford)
John Trumbull painter (Lebanon)
Jonathan Trumbull first Governor of Connecticut (Lebanon)
Thomas Tryon
novelist (Hartford)

Bobby Valentine major league baseball manager (Stamford)
John Van Vleck
Nobel Prize-winning physicist (Middletown)

Noah Webster lexicographer (West Hartford)
Eleazar Wheelock
founder of Dartmouth College (Windham)
Emma Willard founder of the Emma Willard School (Berlin)
Sloan Wilson
novelist (Norwalk)
Oliver Wolcott signer of the Declaration of Independence (Windsor)

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