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Facts and FiguresFacts and Figures
Origin of Name The name "Texas" is based on a Caddo Indian word meaning "friends." Area (rank) 268,601 sq mi (2nd). Population 26,448,193 (2nd). Capital Austin. Admitted to Union (rank) December 29, 1845 (28th).
Official Symbols of TexasOfficial Symbols of Texas
Originating in Texas in the mid 1800's, the blue lacy was named after the Lacy Brothers of Burnet County (Frank, George, Edwin, and Harry Lacy), who noted the dog to be a coyote, greyhound and scenthound mixture, and to have a natural herding instinct. It was designated the official state dog breed on June 18, 2005.
Stephen Foster AustinStephen Foster Austin
established the first Anglo-American colony in Texas in 1822. He subsequently oversaw a great influx of immigrants into Texas and did much to maintain peace between Texas and Mexico before declaration of Texas independence.
David Gouverneur BurnetDavid Gouverneur Burnet
was chosen as the first President of the Republic of Texas in March 1836, and served until October. He later served as Vice-President and as Secretary of State of the Republic.
Miriam Amanda FergusonMiriam Amanda Ferguson
became the second woman to be elected Governor in 1924. Her administration was marked by controversy concerning her granting of pardons and paroles and the letting of state road contracts.
Sam HoustonSam Houston
helped fight for Texas' independence from Mexico, and then became the first popularly elected President of the Republic of Texas. During his tenure he secured U.S. recognition of Texas and stabilized the republic's finances.
Robert Hancock HunterRobert Hancock Hunter
fought in the Texas Revolution, after which he established a farm and saw and grist mill in Guadalupe County.
Henry Lawrence KinneyHenry Lawrence Kinney
helped found Corpus Christi, served in the Texas State Legislature, and fought in the Mexican War. Ever the land speculator, he bought large tracts of land to which he hoped to attract settlers; none of his speculations ever made money, however.
Thomas F. McKinneyThomas F. McKinney
was one of the members of Stephen Austin's 1822 colony. He subsequently established the largest merchandising and shipping firm in Texas, and helped found the city of Galveston.
Nicolas Adolphus SterneNicolas Adolphus Sterne
was one of the early Texas entrepreneurs. He personally financed two companies of troops during the Texas Revolution, and served in the Texas House of Representatives.
Big Bend National ParkBig Bend National Park
The Big Bend region is one of the few places on Earth where geological processes are so clearly shown that an untrained person can understand them. It is home to 75 species of mammals, 55 species of reptiles, 430 species of birds, and 1,000 varieties of plant life. Relics of an ancient cave dweller civilization are also found in the park.
John Neely BryanJohn Neely Bryan
built a log cabin and established a ferry near what is now downtown Dallas in 1841. He had the town site platted in 1844, and was instrumental in getting Dallas named the seat of Dallas County in 1850.
Port NechesPort Neches
was established on the Kansas City Railroad in 1902, and incorporated as a city in 1927.

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