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United States: General History and Description

yoo nIt' ed stAts, a republic comprising 48 conterminous states, the District of Columbia, Alaska, and Hawaii


James Knox Polk: A Chronology of His Life and Career Jefferson Davis French and Indian War William Thomas Sampson A Chronology of William Henry Harrison's Life and Career Battle of Guilford Courthouse Battle of Monmouth Nathanael Greene Battle of Princeton William Tecumseh Sherman


Description and TravelDescription and Travel
Presidents and the PresidencyPresidents and the Presidency (General)
Historical Geography
Military History
Naval HistoryNaval History
Colonial Period, 1607-1775Colonial Period, 1607-1775
The Revolution, 1775-1783The Revolution, 1775-1783
Revolution to the Civil War, 1783-1861Revolution to the Civil War, 1783-1861
Presidents George Washington through James Buchanan, including the War of 1812 and the Mexican War
Civil War Period, 1861-1865Civil War Period, 1861-1865
Including President Abraham Lincoln
Late 19th Century, 1865-1900Late 19th Century, 1865-1901
Presidents Andrew Johnson through William McKinley, including the Spanish-American War
Early 20th Century, 1901-1961Early 20th Century, 1901-1961
Presidents Theodore Roosevelt through Dwight D. Eisenhower
Late 20th Century, 1961-2000Late 20th Century, 1961-2001
Presidents John F. Kennedy through Bill Clinton
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