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Roosevelt's "Little White House" in Warm Springs, Georgia

Franklin Roosevelt first came to Warm Springs in 1924 hoping to find a cure for the polio that had struck him in 1921.

Little White HouseAlthough the 88-degree mineral springs did not provide the cure Roosevelt hoped for, they did provide relief. Enough relief, in fact, that, in 1927, Roosevelt bought the resort and a 1,700-acre farm around it. In 1932 he had a small cottage built nearby so he could take advantage of the springs at will. It was the only home ever owned.

During the early years of his presidency, Roosevelt developed many of his New Deal programs at Warm Springs. The cottage also provided refuge and peace for him during World War II. In fact, he was such a frequent visitor to Warm Springs that the cottage came to be known as the "Little White House." It was while at Warm Springs that Roosevelt suffered his fatal stroke on April 12, 1945.

The resort Roosevelt bought still operates today, as the Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation. His cottage is operated as a State Historic State.

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