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Franklin Delano Roosevelt: A Chronology of His Life and Career

Born into a wealthy family, Franklin Roosevelt entered politics because he believed it offered great opportunity for public service. Before he was elected President, he served in the New York State Senate, as Assistant Secretary of the Navy, and as Governor of New York. Although he was crippled by polio at the age of 39, he refused to give up his career of public service. A little more than 11 years after being stricken, he was elected President of the United States.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

1882, January 30 Hyde Park Born in Hyde Park, New York
1896-1900   Attended the Groton School
1903   Graduated from Harvard University
1904   Entered Columbia University Law School
1905, March 17 Eleanor Roosevelt Married Anna Eleanor Roosevelt
1907   Passed the New York bar examination
1910   Elected to the New York State Senate
1913   Appointed Assistant Secretary of the Navy
1914   Made an unsuccessful bid for the U.S. Senate
1920   Made an unsuccessful bid for Vice-President of the United States
1921   Stricken with polio
1927 Warm Springs Established the Warm Springs Foundation
1928   Elected Governor of New York
1932 President Franklin Delano Roosevelt Elected President of the United States
1945, April 12   Died in Warm Springs, Georgia

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