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Calvin CoolidgeCalvin Coolidge: A Chronology of His Life and Career

Calvin Coolidge won no fewer than eighteen elections during his career, and only lost one (a bid for re-election to a city office). Americans respected the views of the closemouthed Coolidge, although he seldom said anything very original or profound. He issued few unnecessary public statements, and rarely wasted a word. His reputation for wisdom was based on his dry wit and robust common sense.

July 4, 1872 Calvin Coolidge's boyhood home Born in Plymouth Notch, Vermont.
1895   Graduated from Amherst College.
1897   Admitted to the Massachusetts Bar.
1898   Elected to the Northampton, Massachusetts, City Council.
1900   Elected City Solicitor of Northampton.
1902   Lost bid for re-election to third term as City Solicitor.
October 4, 1905   Married Grace Anna Goodhue.
1906   Elected to Massachusetts House of Representatives.
1909   Elected Mayor of Northampton, Massachusetts.
1911   Elected to Massachusetts Senate.
1915   Elected Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts.
1918   Elected Governor of Massachusetts.
1920   Elected Vice-President of the United States.
August 3, 1923 President Calvin Coolidge Became President of the United States upon the death of Warren G. Harding.
1924   Elected to full term as President.
July 7, 1924   Calvin Coolidge, Jr., died of a blood blister he received during a tennis game on the White House lawn.
January 5, 1933 grave of Calvin Coolidge Died in Northampton, Massachusetts.

Notes and Trivia

Coolidge was named for his father, John Calvin Coolidge, but his family called him Calvin or Cal; he dropped "John" from his name after college.

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