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A Chronology of Benjamin Harrison's Life and Career

Benjamin Harrison's grandfather was William Henry Harrison, the hero of the Battle of Tippecanoe. Both Harrisons ran for the presidency two times, winning once and losing once. Before being elected President, both had been successful army commanders and had served in the United States Senate.

Benjamin Harrison

August 20, 1833 Harrison's Boyhood Home Born in North Bend, Ohio.
1852   Graduated from Miami University.
October 20, 1853   Married Caroline Lavinia Scott.
1854 Harrison in Indianapolis Admitted to the bar. Moved to Indianapolis, Indiana. Russell Benjamin Harrison born.
1857   Elected City Attorney of Indianapolis.
1858   Became secretary of the Republican State Central Committee. Mary Scott Harrison born.
1860   Elected Reporter of the State Supreme Court.
1861   Elected an elder of the Presbyterian Church.
1862-1864   Commanded a regiment of the Union Army.
1867   Ran unsuccessfully for the governorship of Indiana.
1879   Appointed to the Mississippi River Commission.
1881   Elected to the United States Senate.
1888   Elected President of the United States.
1892   Mrs. Caroline Harrison died.
April 6, 1896   Married Mrs. Mary Dimmick.
1897   Wrote This Country of Ours, a book about the federal government. Elizabeth Harrison born.
1899   Represented Venezuela in the arbitration of a dispute with Great Britain over the British Guiana boundary.
March 13, 1901 Benjamin Harrison's death Died in Indianapolis, Indiana.

William Henry Harrison

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The Robinson Library >> Benjamin Harrison's Administration, 1889-1893

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