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monument at site of Buchanan's birthplaceJames Buchanan Birthplace

James Buchanan was born at Stony Batter in Franklin County, Pennsylvania, on April 23, 1791.

In 1789, James Buchanan's father bought a thriving trading post and surrounding land at Cove Gap, a pass through the Allegheny Mountains on the road between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Named for the ancestral Buchanan home in Northern Ireland, Stony Batter was the future President's home until his father moved the business to Mercersburg (about 3 miles away) in 1796.

Right: This stone pyramid marks the property that was once Stony Batter. Its construction was made possible by the will of Harriet Lane, James Buchanan's niece. Designed by Wyatt & Nolting of Baltimore, Maryland, the pyramid is 38 feet suare and 31 feet high. Construction began in October 1907, and was completed on November 15, 1907. The monument sits within an 18.5-acre public park known as Buchanan's Birthplace State Park.

restored cabin in which Buchanan was bornLeft: When the cabin in which James Buchanan was born was removed from its original site is unknown. Originally taken to Chambersburg, it was moved to Mercersburg in 1953, and it still graces the campus of Mercersburg Academy today.

Buchanan's Birthplace State Park
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Presidential Avenue

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