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Andrew Jackson riding his favorite horseAndrew Jackson: A Chronology of His Life and Career

Andrew Jackson was a rugged individualist who enjoyed gambling and racehorses. The son of poor Scotch-Irish immigrants, he grew up on the frontier of the Carolinas among people who were ready to fight at any time to defend their honor. Quick to fight and never willing to give up easily, Jackson was a natural soldier. He served in the Revolutionary War at the age of 13, and was held prisoner by the British for a brief time. He won fame as an Indian fighter and as a general in the War of 1812, and was nicknamed "Old Hickory" by his fellow soldiers because of his toughness.

March 15, 1767   Born in Waxhaw settlement, on the border between North and South Carolina.
1780   Joined the mounted militia of South Carolina.
1783   Taught school for a short time near Waxhaw.
1787   Admitted to the bar.
1788   Appointed Solicitor for the region that now forms Tennessee.
August 1791 Rachel Jackson Married Mrs. Rachel Donelson Robards.
January 17, 1794   Remarried Mrs. Robards.
1796   Bought Hunter's Hill.
1796   Served as a delegate to the Tennessee State Constitutional Convention.
1796   Elected to the U.S. House of Representatives.
1797   Appointed to the U.S. Senate.
1798   Elected to the Tennessee Supreme Court.
1804 The Hermitage Bought The Hermitage.
1806   Killed Charles Dickinson in a duel.
1813   Led 2,500 Tennessee militiamen to and from Natchez, Mississippi.
March 27, 1814 Battle of Horseshoe Bend Defeated the Creek Indians in the Battle of Horseshoe Bend.
1814   Captured Pensacola in Spanish Florida.
January 8, 1815 Battle of New Orleans Defeated the British in the Battle of New Orleans.
1817   Defeated the Seminole Indians of Florida.
1821   Appointed Provisional Governor of Florida.
1823   Elected to the U.S. Senate.
1824   Defeated for President by John Quincy Adams.
1828 President Andrew Jackson Elected President of the United States.
1832   Re-elected President.
June 8, 1845 grave of Andrew and Rachel Jackson Died at the Hermitage.

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