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In 1978 Ecuador was ruled by a military junta comprised of Vice-AdmiralAlfredo Poveda Burbano (Navy), General Guillermo Durán Arcentales (Army), and General Luis Leoro Franco (Air Force). On January 15 the junta held a constitutional referendum aimed at ending its rule. Approved by 43% of the votes cast, the new constitution included provisions granting the vote to illiterates, extending the presidential term from four to five years without the option of reelection, and establishment of a single-chamber legislature. A new electoral law announced on February 20 stipulated that presidential candidates must be Ecuadorian-born citizens of Ecuadorian parentage and that former Presidents could not run for office.

Ecuadorians jammed polling places in January.
Ecuadorian constitutional referendum

In the first round of presidential elections, held on July 16, Jaime Roldos of the Concentration of Popular Forces obtained a plurality of the votes but fell short of the majority needed for election. An electoral court recommended that the results be annulled because of fraud, but the junta appointed a new court which, in October, set April 8, 1979, as the date for a runoff between Roldos and his closest competitor.

In the Year 1978

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