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Little TurtleLittle Turtle

(Mishikinakwa) Miami orator and fighter who led an alliance of Indians to several victories against American settlers in the Ohio region of the Northwest Territory after the Revolutionary War

In 1790, Little Turtle defeated a band of Americans under Josiah Harmar, and the following year he successfully ambushed an army under General Arthur St. Clair, killing or wounding 900 soldiers. In mid-summer of 1794, he commanded an attack on Fort Recoveryin which his forces suffered heavy losses. He subsequently advised his brethren to seek peace, but they ignored him. The Miami were then defeated by General Anthony Wayne at the Battle of Fallen Timbers, on August 20, 1794.

In 1795, Little Turtle signed the Treaty of Greenville, in which the Miami (and other tribes) gave up most of their land claims in what is now Ohio. Thereafter, he aided the Americans and persuaded other tribes to yield their lands to them.

Anthony Wayne

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