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Tribal and Individual Biographies


was a Choctaw chief who saw to it that his people never fought a war against the United States.
QuanahQuanah Parker
was the leader of the Quahadi Comanche when they became the last of the Plains bands to accept life on a reservation. Thanks to his leadership, they took to reservation life rather well, and Quanah himself became the wealthiest Indian in all of North America.
was a leader in the Creek Confederacy who tried to avoid war with the United States by leading his people to sanctuary in Kansas.
Sitting BullSitting Bull (Tatanka-Iyotanka)
was a Dakota warrior who fought many battles against the U.S. only to be ultimately killed by one of his own.
SatantaSatanta (Set'tainte, "White Bear")
was a Kiowa war chief known as the "Orator of the Plains," and for his campaigns of terror from Texas to the Canadian border.
Little TurtleLittle Turtle (Mishikinakwa)
was a Miami orator and fighter who tried to keep white settlers out of the Northwest Territory.
Chief JosephChief Joseph (Hin-mah-too-yah-lat-kekt)
was a Nez PercÚ who, while neither a warrior nor a chief, did his best to keep the peace and lead his people to sanctuary in Canada.
was one of many daughters of Powhatan, the leader of an alliance of about 28 Powhatan tribes in the Tidewater region of Virginia. She encountered her first Englishmen when they established Jamestown in May of 1607, and became a frequent visitor to the settlement after meeting Captain John Smith in December of that same year.
was a Shawnee chief who united 32 eastern tribes into a confederacy that for a time limited white migrations into the Northwest Territory.

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