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location of Mount LoganMount Logan from the southeastMount Logan

highest peak in Canada

Located in the Saint Elias Range in the southwest corner of the Yukon Territory, the highest peak of Mount Logan is 19,551 feet above sea level. The massif also includes Philippe Peak (19,439 feet), Logan East Peak (19,350 feet), six peaks of more than 18,000 feet, and two peaks of more than 17,000 feet. In addition to being the highest peak in Canada, Mount Logan is the second highest peak in North America, behind Mount Denali (McKinley). With a base that is about 25 miles long, it is the most massive mountain in the world.

Mount Logan was named for Sir William E. Logan, the first director of the Canadian Geological Survey. Its summit was reached for the first time in 1925.

Mount Denali (McKinley)

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