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Quebec in 1960

On January 2, 1960, J. Paul Sauvé, who had succeeded Maurice L. Duplessis as Prime Minister of Quebec in September 1959, died suddenly. Antonio Barrette replaced Sauvé as Prime Minister and head of the National Union Party a few days later.

At the provincial general elections of June 22, the National Union Party, aftter having been in power aince 1944, was defeated by the Liberal Party, led by Jean Lesage. On July 5 Lesage was sworn in as Prime Minister, together with 16 members of the Executive Council. Lesage also became Prime Minister of Finance

Defeated in the provincial elections of June 22, Antonio Barrette gestures as he speaks to reporters shortly after learning of the Liberal Party victory.

On September 14 Barrette resigned as leader of the opposition and of the National Union Party and as a member for the county of Joliette. He was relaced by Yves Prévost, who was Minister of Municipal Affaits and, later, provincial secretary in the Duplessis cabinet.

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