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Canada In 1959

On June 18, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip arrived at St. John's, Newfoundland, to begin a six-week tour of Canada. They flew home on August 2.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip wave to Yukon residents during their tour of Canada.
the Queen in the Yukon

The Queen greets chiefs of several tribes at an Indian village in Calgary, Alberta.
the Queen with chiefs

The Queen and the Prince toured Lake Louise, Alberta, July11, and rested there for a quiet weekend at a fishing camp.
the Queen in Alberta

Major General George P. Vanier (left) accompanied the royal couple on a review at Quebec City.
the Queen at Quebec City

The Queen and the Prince ride in the royal landau to a welcoming ceremony on Parliament Hill at Ottawa.
Queen and Prince at Ottawa

On August 1, the Queen approved the appointment of Major General George Philias Vanier to succeed retiring Vincent Massey as Governor-General of Canada. Vanier became the first French-Canadian to be named to the post.

Paul Sauve was sworn in to succeed the late Maurice Duplessis as Premier of Quebec on September 11.

Major General George Vanier was installed as Governor-General on September 15.

Prime Minister John Diefenbaker greets new Governor-General Vanier.
Governor-General George Vanier

A shot of Prime Minister John Diefenbaker turned a chandelier into a halo, perhaps symbolical of his party's triumph in by-election municipal polls.
John Diefenbaker

Secretary for External Affairs Howard Green (left) flew to Camp David, Maryland, with U.S. Secretary of State Christian Herter to discuss U.S.-Canadian defense problems.
Howard Green and Christian Herter

Conductor Bruno Walter (left) and daughter, Mrs. Lotte Lindt, visited Vancouver, British Columbia's Mayor Tom Alsbury during the 1959 Music Festival.
Bruno Walter

To symbolize his province's freedom from debt, British Columbia Premier W.A.C. Bennett shot a flaming arrow into a barge containing $85 million in canceled British Columbia bonds.
W.A.C. Bennett

An estimated 500,000 persons attended the Quebec Provincial Exhibition held in Quebec City, September 4-13.
Quebec Exhibition

Queen Elizabeth II
John Diefenbaker

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