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Prince Edward Island Facts and Figures

Nearest Neighbors New Brunswick, Nova Scotia

map of Prince Edward Island

Area 2,184 sq mi (smallest province)
Greatest Distance East-West 100 mi
Greatest Distance North-South 35 mi
Highest Point 450 ft above sea level
Lowest Point sea level

Population (2014 estimate) 146,283
Largest Cities Charlottetown, Summerside, Stratford, Cornwall, Montague

Capital Charlottetown

Principal Industries agriculture, tourism, fishing
Manufacturing Products food products, wood products
Agricultural Products fruits, hay, oats, vegetables; dairy products
Mineral Resources none

First Explored By Jacques Cartier, in 1534
First Permanent European Settlements near present-day Charlottetown and Georgetown by the French in the early 1700's
Date Entered Confederation
July 1, 1873 (7th)

Origin of Name named in 1798 in honor of Prince Edward, father of Queen Victoria

Flag The three oak saplings represent the three counties of Prince Edward Island. The large oak tree represents England and Canada. The trees rise from a single base, representing that both Prince Edward and Great Britain are islands. A golden British line stretches across the top.

flag of Prince Edward Island

Coat of Arms Adopted in 1905. The shield bears the lion, trees, and island of the provincial flag. The crest combines the blue jay and the red oak leaf, two provincial emblems, with the Royal Crown, all placed on the gold helmet of sovereignty signifying Prince Edward Island's co-sovereign status in Confederation. The supporters are two silver foxes, local animals that indicate the importance of fur farming in the 19th and early 20th century economy of the province. Around their necks are a garland of potato blossoms and a length of fishing net, representing the agricultural and fishing industries. The compartment on which they stand includes the rose, lily, shamrock, and thistle emblems of England, France, Ireland, and Scotland, respectively, along with two lady slipper flowers, the provincial floral emblem. At the center is an eight-pointed star, a symbol used for centuries by the Mi'kmaq people to represent the sun.

Prince Edward Island coat of arms

Motto "Parva sub ingenti" ("The small under the large")

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