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the name given to almost any breed of horse with a golden-colored coat and white mane and tail

standard palomino

The specific shade of a palomino can range from dark gold to cream, with the exact allowable variation dependent upon which registry the owner uses. In the United States, there are two principal registries, the Palomino Horse Association and the Palomino Horse Breeders of America, both of which register according to specific color characteristics, irrespective of breed.

light palomino

The origins of the Palomino are unknown, but it apears in ancient tapestries and paintings throughout Europe and Asia.

A favorite of royalty for centuries, Emir Saladin presented a Palomino to Richard the Lion-Hearted during the Crusades, and Queen Isabella of Castille and Leon maintained a stable of Palominos and forbade commoners from owning them. The Palomino was established in America after Queen Isabella sent a stallion and five mares to her Viceroy in New Spain (Mexico).

The Palomino has also long been a favorite in show rings and is a very popular parade horse. It has also proven itself in movies and on television, with two of the most famous Palominos being Trigger, the faithful mount of cowboy star Roy Rogers, and Mr. Ed, the "talking horse" who had his own television show in the 1960's.

Palomino Horse Association
Palomino Horse Breeders of America

Richard the Lion-Hearted
Queen Isabella

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