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the most popular dairy cow in the United States, and star of many commercials

Holstein-Friesian cow

This breed is identified by its black-and-white coats, although some Holsteins are nearly all black or all white. It is the largest dairy breed, has broad hips and long, deep barrels. The horns slant forward, but curve inward.

There are more Holsteins in the United States than any other dairy breed. They are favored because Holstein cows produce more milk than other breeds. However, their milk contains less butterfat than that of other breeds.

Holsteins were probably developed from a strain of black-and-white cattle found in the province of Friesland in The Netherlands. Cattle raisers of Schleswig-Holstein in Germany also helped develop the breed. The breed was brought to the United States in 1795, and is now raised in every state, as well as in Canada.

(By the way, Holsteins are the breed of dairy cows featured in the "California Cheese" TV commercials.)

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The Robinson Library >> Cattle

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