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About The Robinson Library

My name is Scott Robinson, and I am the owner/webmaster of The Robinson Library. I have been a collector of books most of my life, and my library currently contains over 3,000 books. Much of the information provided on this website comes directly from my library. I have also used a wide variety of websites as sources, most of which are listed on the various "Sources and Links" pages found throughout the site.

The Robinson Library website was created as a way to impart knowledge to anyone who seeks to broaden their world. The idea is to provide information on as wide a variety of subjects as possible, in a manner which makes learning as easy and fun as possible.

You will undoubtedly notice that the website isn't very fancy, and that is intentional. I feel this website is better served with quality content than with a wealth of "gizmos and gadgets." And, quite frankly, many of the newer features that I would like to take advantage of are way beyond my skill level.

You will also notice advertising on many pages, and that is, I'm afraid, a necessity. I make it a point to only include advertising links that are relevant to the specific pages on which they appear, and I hope you take a few moments to check some of them out because that's how I pay for the site.

I am always looking for new topics to cover, so if there is any subject you would like more information about please feel free to Ask Me A Question. You may use the same e-mail link to notify me of any mistakes found on my pages.

The Robinson Library

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